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| January 30, 2019

Happy that I’m advancing on an everyday schedule. There is not really multi-day that passes by without a case of one more element of humankind that we are denied of, surfacing. On meeting a nearby native at a specialist’s medical procedure, I was educated that his mom had been nibbled by a pooch. There are no suitable immunizations accessible in AJK to treat such wounds. He was informed that they are uncommon in Pakistan as well. After much looking, he was very lucky to acquire a solitary infusion in Rawalpindi.


It is valid – as hinted and expounded on this blog over and again up to this point – that there is a lot to do out in the open enthusiasm for AJK and insufficient time, assets and labor dedicated to making a channelized institutional arrangement for goals.

I can’t give my opportunity to everything that movements passed my nose and neither would i be able to stick to each demand made to me by the general population openly intrigue. However, the requests on me are expanding continuously and I am attempting to clarify the grouping engaged with goals, to the exact individuals I’ve given myself to.

Research > process > agreement > possession is a successive voyage that the general population needs to get it. We can’t jump the arrangement or take easy routes. We can’t have lethargic masses showing up as imprudent observers or everyone bumping to be a representative for the reason. Web-based life may have turbo-helped the dimension of mindfulness in individuals yet that is of no critical esteem if the general population can’t help with making a channelized institutional configuration, that can effectively catch, record or compose on open issues continuously and screen its reaction by the State until goals.

On the off chance that people in general can’t inspire their very own lawmakers to administer in their name; who infer expert in their name and if the general population can’t make over a 100,000 government representatives work for their pay rates paid for by the equivalent taxpaying open, at that point it is unthinkable for the world or even our neighbors to consider us important.

I’ve put a ton in research and activism (all that I had and as much as I could from those I knew). Publicly supported subsidizing from the general population, especially since 2014 has given me enough understanding to affirm that the assets expected to achieve the fate of goals are here, there and all over the place (our nationals dwell). They simply should be collected and the certified labor expected to grow full-time local officials should be continuously increased.

This doesn’t require another ideological group, association or development. Neither does it require a philosophy or physical masses of individuals organizing a sit-in, which is for all intents and purposes practically inconceivable given the requests of society in the cutting edge age. Each national can keep up their affiliations, belief systems and procedures as they see fit. All I ask is that they compliment this succession of reinforcing open enthusiasm against private enthusiasm, by contributing Kashmiri Saffron their bit to an exertion that is by and large possessed by the natives of AJK, without avoidance.

My ordinary day is spent carrying out a blend of responsibilities for the general population:

1) Researching in the field just as using on the web/disconnected mediums.

2) Assembling, examining, classifying and securing that data/information.

3) Assisting different activists to their greatest advantage interests (Including residents in GB, the Valley, Jammu, and Ladakh).

4) Raising issues and drawing in the AJK administering structure just as provincial and worldwide organizations in a consecutive way till goals.

5) Translating information/data as fitting.

6) Strategizing and ad-libbing continually as per the limit of people in general to process action led and data created.

7) Preparing material for scholarly distribution in remote diaries and worldwide media.

8) Maintaining an open database with the end goal of setting up a certified populace enumeration in AJK.

9) Sharing responsibility for the upkeep and prosperity of my family.

10) Working on keeping up my physical and mental wellness to continue my endeavors.

11) Maintaining a vehicle, bike and devices of innovation for the current work.

12) Raising assets straightforwardly from the general population to do all the abovementioned.

Veritable change has been slippery in this locale for a long time. We must be liberal about the procedure, understand that our quality lies in persuading each other instead of the world lastly that the arrangement is for the most part at the indistinguishable area from the issue.

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